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Transportation company

Transportation company

Tiuley Atarim - Simply Enjoy Tours

Tiuley Atarim is a Site Tours Company was founded in 1988 and has experience and seniority and reputation in the within of Tours Company.

Today Tiuley atarim Company grew and developed in transportation market and has broad market share transportation in Israel

Our company provides transportation solutions for weddings and bar mitzvah, parties and fun days etc..

The company has a large fleet of modern buses and luxury for providing quality customer service.

We have cars of all sizes

Car for 10 seats

Car for 16 seats

Car for 20 seats

Car for 56 seats

Car for 60 seats

Among our clients:

Tourist Office, Ministry of Defense, enterprises, municipalities, regional councils, schools, kindergartens and others..

Focus on safety into the company.;

Our company has a Safety Officer, appointed by the Department Safety Officers Association.

The company has safety standards Israelis and internationals..

Standard ISO- 9301 for quality management and safety of the transportation system and land traffic.

Standard ISO- 9001 Quality Management Standards Institution of Israel.

Ensuring training and refresher procedures of all the company's drivers.